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Toddlers’ Safety on Baby Walkers Moving from one place to another for a toddler who has not well matured to be able to walk is difficult hence a baby walker can help it move around.A toddler cannot use a baby walker not unless it is able to hold its head steadily as well as the feet to touch the ground when on the walker.Baby walkers are basically meant for babies who are at the age of four to sixteen months and cannot walk on themselves.Movement of a baby walker is enhanced when a toddler can push it with its feet. A toddlers toe and fingers can be squeezed at the hinges where the baby walker collapses making it quite risky for the baby.Walkers can also fall down in dangerous areas such as down the stairs causing harm to the infant.Babies are always regarded to eat anything that come their way and this may make them get hold of poisonous substances when they are walking or seated which they eat and can bring certain health conditions or even loss of life.Children who use baby walkers at all times are considered to have some poor physical development more so in crawling and walking.A child who can’t walk and is allowed to use a baby walker can have a good chance of learning more about their immediate environment as well as have some entertainments on the walker such as music, sound and light.Safety when using a baby walker should be key and straps and buckles should always be used on the toddler. Seated walker and the sit-to-stand walker are the two major types of baby walkers.Infants can eat and play in a seated walker while in sit-and-stand walker is much cheaper and the infant is helped to stand on itself.Seated walkers are quite a number with the main one having an MP3 music player usually suited for short babies.A seated walker that can easily move on carpets and suited for taller babies is the safety 1st sounds n’ lights discovery walker.Infants can use a sit-to-stand learning walker so that they can stand and balance by themselves.
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When purchasing a baby walker, several considerations should be made to ensure that one gets the best value for their money.The major consideration for a walker is to enable a toddler to move from place to place.Babies usually bite things they come across hence it is better to consider the materials used in making the walker to avoid any health effects.The baby walker should be affordable, the seat of the toddler should be adjustable and it should have breakers on the wheels for controlling speed. The safety of a baby walker is greatly enhanced by having somebody looking at the baby at all times.Why not learn more about Products?