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How To Prevent Soil Erosion From Being A Hazard In An Area.

When the topmost part of soil is displaced, we call this soil erosion. It is normal for soil to be displaced at any point. Many people do not see it when soil is eroded naturally. Movement of soil can be very big and have a great negative effect on the land.

Formation and cutting of soil exposes it to erosion. When this is left unattended to, either naturally or artificially, the results could be tragic to that particular environment but when noticed and attended to, there would be little or no damage. Erosion may be as a result of human activity or natural activities.

There are certain selective activities by humans that enhance soil erosion. There are two main natural causes of soil erosion. All these causes of soil erosion do not occur by themselves as they are aggravated by some other factors. The factors which apply to both natural and artificial causes include but not limited to;

One is the texture of the soil. Small and light soils erode more easily than large and heavy soils.

Ground levelness has a great effect if soil will or will not be eroded. The steeper the slope, the high effect erosion will have on that land.

Human activities when overdone increase the chances and effects of erosion for example overgrazing, excessive cutting of trees, over tillage.

The intensity and amount of rain in a particular area for example determines the effects of soil erosion as the higher the amount of rain the more the erosion will occur.

The presence of trees in an area makes it hard for wind to blow there. When there is excessive deforestation, this makes it easy for the wind to displace soil.

Soil erosion has very serious effects on land both where it displaces to the point the displaced soil is deposited known as on-site and off-site effects respectively. On-site effects includes the degradation of soil nutrients in that particular area and also decrease in productivity as rich soil is taken away. When soil is suspended it is taken to a new area and has some effects on the land it has been deposited too.

In order to know how to deal with the problem of soil erosion, one needs to understand how each process occurs and this will help in dealing with it. The following are some of the ways people have invented to deal with the above effects of soil erosion.;
Ensuring that there is a lot of vegetation on land. Exchange of type of crops in a given land helps in soil retention. Trees act as windbreakers when planted along other crops and open fields.

Many people have used different methods especially in dealing with water erosion. Modern scientists have devised ways and products that when mixed with soil make it resistant to erosion. Artificial grass makes holds soils together making it erosion resistant. Collaborative measure in the universe help in dealing with erosion.

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