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Secure Your Bike with the Best Bike Locks

Bicycles are stolen by the thousands each year, all over the world. The incidence of theft has risen with the increase in popularity of bikes. Today you can find a wide range of bike locks in answer to the need of bike owners to secure their property.

When buying bike locks, there are some things to keep in mind. You need to understand first that is not such thing as a lock that is unbreakable. IF you use the correct tools and techniques, every lock is breakable. But there is such a thing as a good lock which is tough to break and which will discourage thieves from attempting to break.

Remember that the more expensive the lock is, the higher its level of security. Your bike can easily get stolen if your lock is not of good quality. However, having this type of lock is much better than not having any lock at all.

There are many types of lock that you can purchase. You can find U-locks, cable locks, seat-wheel skewers and other types of bike locks in the market. Here is a description of how each of these locks work and what type suits your bike best.

The U-lock is the lock that is shapes like a U. The design is a common one but it is a very secure type of lock. Even if a thief will use a hammer, chisel, or any hard tool, he will have a difficult time stealing your bike. If the lock has a big U, it will not be ideal for your bike. The goal is to resist any tool from getting inserted into the horseshoe shape lock and giving it leverage. Choose the size small enough for your bike from among the different sizes of U locks.

The cable lock is another type of bike lock. Although they are not as secure as the U locks, they are very flexible. They are very useful in areas that have low to moderate crime rate. Having both cable lock and U lock for your bike will surely give maximum security to your possession.

There are also chain locks. These are tough locks and the size and toughness of the chain are very important factors. The chains of the chain lock are specially designed. The lock and the chain should be strong enough. It is not good to buy a fat chain with a cheap lock. It will not be handy to carry it around because of its weight.

You can also use seat and wheel skewers for your bike. It is convenient to bring this type of lock because it is lightweight. Breaking this lock is very simple. However you need special tools to break them and this is why they are popular.

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