Enjoy Comfortable Style with Wonderwink Scrubs

Professionals who wear scrubs to work need to be comfortable. Doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, physician assistants, certified nurses aids (CNAs), and dentists, among others in the medical field work long shifts of ten to twelve hours. Many are also on call for twenty-four hours at a time. Flexible fabrics, moisture control weaving, and different styles are essential to accommodate the duties required and hours worked.

Traditional Scrubs

This type of uniform used to be only available in solid colors and one material option. Everyone looked the same and everyone struggled to bend, twist, and reach in stiff fabric. There were large pockets available which was convenient, but that was about the only advantage. Some facilities and hospitals would order them in bulk with the business name on the sleeve.

Modern Options

New manufacturers began to experiment with fabrics and cuts to add a bit of flexibility and give to the clothing. Fun prints and patterns emerged, and licensed products became available. Professionals can now select fashions that suit their personality or appeal to the patients in their departments. A pediatric nurse, for example, can wear scrubs that have dinosaurs on them, or kittens, or Big Bird.


Blends are offered for different settings and different preferences. Someone who sweats a lot can find wonderwink scrubs in their four-stretch line. The polyester stretch fabric includes a maximum moisture management system that helps keep wearers dry and comfortable. All day comfort and flexibility can be experienced with a blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex.

One-hundred percent brushed cotton offers a soft feel. People who will be reaching, bending, and lifting all shift may want to try the FLEX line which is ninety-seven percent cotton and three percent spandex. That ensures a proper fit in any position. Polyester and cotton blends are available as well.


Plus sizes, men’s sizes, and maternity sizing is available to suit all body types. There are shirts in various sizes for a layered look, and different pant lengths as well for all-season comfort. Search medical supply stores, uniform stores, and online for scrubs that suit your job duties and personality.